Washington state officially launches first new construction in effort to electrify ferries – KNKX

Washington state starts delivering on a “new green economy” by creating green jobs to move us away from fossil fuels. Hundreds of blue collar jobs helping get us to the new world off of fossil fuels. Thanks to Governor Inslee and the Democratic majority in the state capital. Will there be some hickups along the way? You bet. Is this better than doing nothing? Absolutely.

Washington’s ferry system runs on diesel fuel that causes more air pollution than anything else the state transportation department operates. That’s changing as the state Department of Transportation works to convert two of its Jumbo Mark 2 ferries to hybrid-electric propulsion. And now it has officially launched the first new construction of a hybrid ferry, amid much fanfare…The Legislature has so far authorized funding for only one new hybrid electric ferry, but transportation officials say they have up to five more in the pipeline. The cost will be roughly the same as for a traditional diesel Olympic Class vessel: $160 million dollars.  Bellamy Pailthorp reports. (KNKX)

Washington state officially launches first new construction in effort to electrify ferries 

Trump Administration to Finalize Rollback of Clean Water Protections – Washington Post

Moving us backwards in time. All I can say is that after he’s gone we’ll have to rewrite even better laws next time.

The Trump administration on Thursday is expected to complete the legal repeal of a major Obama-era clean water regulation, which had placed limits on polluting chemicals that could be used near streams, wetlands and water bodies. The rollback of the 2015 measure, known as the Waters of the United States rule, has been widely expected since the early days of the Trump administration, when President Trump signed an executive order directing federal agencies to begin the work of repealing and replacing it. Weakening the Obama-era water rule had been a central campaign pledge for Mr. Trump, who characterized it as a federal land-grab that impinged on the rights of farmers, rural landowners and real estate developers to use their property as they see fit. Coral Davenport reports. (NY Times) See also: Administration finalizes repeal of 2015 water rule Trump called ‘destructive and horrible’  Thursday’s move will revert the nation to 1986 water pollution rule governing wetlands and small streams. Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis report. (Washington Post)

Trump Administration to Finalize Rollback of Clean Water Protections

One hour with 16 Year Old Climate Activist Greta Thunberg – Democracy Now!

One hour to hear from Greta in her own world. Get inspired.


Orca task force hears about whale watching, dam breaching – PDN

The Orca task force is back on the road taking public comment and debating how to save the remaining Orcas of our resident pods. Without more fish, there is little that will have a huge impact, which is what is needed. Breaching the Snake River Dams are the fastest way to get the most fish in the water. It has been shown that the dams being considered are losing money on every kilowatt generated. But it’s a political hot potato that Jay, now that he’s no longer running for President, may be able to seriously consider.

A state orca task force debated whale watching operations and was urged to recommend the breaching of the lower Snake River dams. The Southern Resident Killer Whale Task Force discussed its recommendations to Gov. Jay Inslee in a day-long meeting Monday in Port Angeles. A final report to Inslee is due Nov. 8. Task force member Donna Sandstrom, founder and executive director of the Whale Trail, a Seattle nonprofit working to help the endangered Southern Resident orcas, suggested that the task force add its recommendation to suspend orca whale watching to an urgent list for legislative action. “We’re not hopeless, but we will be soon,” Sandstrom said of the J, K and L orca pods that hunt chinook salmon in the Salish Sea. Rob Ollikainen reports. (Peninsula Daily News)

Orca task force hears about whale watching, dam breaching

Hunting and Fishing to Expand on 77 National Wildlife Refuges – OPB

The outrage to our National Wildlife Refuges by the radical right wing that Trump has put in place in our federal government continues. It is hard to believe that most Republicans that voted for Trump were voting for this to happen. This is a right wing revolution taking place right in front of our eyes, and the damage may never be recovered from it. These areas were set aside as refuges,over the last 100 years,  now they are nothing more than shooting galleries for hunters. I have no idea why anyone would cheering such a thing.  Once again it reinforces the notion that you could have all the great intentions in the world, but if you sit out elections because your favorite candidate didn’t get the nod, then you have no power to accomplish anything, and you likely lose what you value. Voting counts.

Hunting And Fishing To Expand On 77 National Wildlife Refuges
The Trump administration is expanding hunting and fishing opportunities in 77 national wildlife refuges. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service eliminated or revised thousands of regulations to closely match state laws. The expansion added more than 1.4 million acres nationwide and more than doubled the acreage that has been opened or expanded in the last five years combined…. In Washington, San Juan Islands National Wildlife Refuge and the Spring Creek, Leavenworth, Little White Salmon and Entiat national fish hatcheries will open to sport fishing for the first time. In addition, the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge will open more land to waterfowl hunting this season.  Molly Samayoa reports. (OPB)

Volunteers trap European green crabs – PDN

The invasion continues. If you want to volunteer, you might want to talk to the folks at the Clallam County Marine Resources committee to see when they are going to be helping Emily Grason.

The invasive European green crab continues to keep a presence on the North Olympic Peninsula. The highest Peninsula counts so far this season have been on the Makah reservation on the West End, where 988 green crabs have been found, and at the Dungeness Wildlife Refuge, where volunteers have discovered 56, said marine ecologist Emily Grason, Crab Team program manager for Washington Sea Grant, last week. Those areas have had the largest totals for European green crab captures across the Salish Sea, she said. Matthew Nash reports. (Peninsula Daily News)

Volunteers trap European green crabs

Funds approved for economic study of murrelet plan – PDN

Funds approved for economic study of murrelet plan
The Clallam County commissioners have agreed to give $7,500 to the Washington State Association of Counties to conduct an economic impact study of the Long-Term Conservation Strategy for the marbled murrelet and how it would affect junior taxing districts. The commissioners agreed to send a letter to the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) informing it of the county’s support Tuesday. WSAC sent a letter to the county in August requesting the funds so that it can conduct a detailed economic impact analysis on county taxing district revenues if the preferred alternative in the Department of Natural Resources’ Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Long-term Conservation Strategy for the marbled murrelet is implemented. Clallam County, which has 93,301 acres of county trust lands — more than any other county in the state — was asked to provide $7,500 for the study. As of Aug. 13, DNR had committed $20,000 toward the study. Jesse Major reports. (Peninsula Daily News)

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