This entry has not changed in 10 plus years. What constitutes indicators of a healthy Puget Sound and Straits? From the Puget Sound Partnership’s efforts, a partial list. No particular order. Just a list.

  • Swimmable beaches – Doing well.
  • Marine Water Quality – Not so well.
  • Water availability – Still a problem, getting worse with global warming.

    • In stream flows are important for humans and species.
  • Freshwater Quality
  • Salmon Abundance – Getting worse.
  • Orca population – Getting worse.
  • Commercial Fisheries harvested
  • Recreational fishing permits sold
    • Likely to be higher if fish stocks are plentiful!
  • Jellyfish
    • Can be indicators of an unhealthy environment
  • Terrestrial bird species numbers – Getting worse.
  • Eel Grass extent – Monitoring underway but belief is getting worse.
  • Shoreline Armoring
    • Less is better, but unlikely to get to zero.
  • Toxics in fish – Getting worse.
  • Toxics in sediment
  • Land use vs. Land Cover
    • Included impervious surface indicators. 
  • Personal Vehicle Miles Traveled:
      • Less is more for the health of the Sound until all electric vehicles arrive

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  1. Hi Al,
    I thought you might be interested in reading my book which just came out on yesterday. In the search bar, type in “truth” and “Gately.” I have a chapter on climate change and much about contaminants in fish.

    I always read your newsletter and appreciate your writing it.

    Stay well!

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