Feds OK Snohomish County PUD’s Tidal Power Project In Admiralty Inlet – KPLU

Ok. It’s time to get this first phase built and find out it’s shortcomings, and positive sides. Every method of electricity generation has a cost, environmentally. Even solar panels have their minerals mined somewhere, likely without much environmental oversight.  So let’s get this extremely benign appearing generation trial in the water and up and running. Once there, we can judge whether it’s worth the environmental costs. My guess, is it’s not going to be anywhere near as bad as even wind has turned out to be (bird deaths have been a major problem in wind sites).

Federal regulators have given unanimous approval for an underwater energy project powered by the tides in Washington’s Admiralty Inlet. Two turbines will take advantage of the fast-moving currents and daily tidal movements in the busy passage west of Whidbey Island, at a depth of about 200 feet. Snohomish County PUD says the turbines will be connected to the electrical grid with cables that emerge on leased land south of the ferry dock in Coupeville. Bellamy Pailthorp reports. (KPLU)

Feds OK Snohomish County PUD’s Tidal Power Project In Admiralty Inlet 

Tribes challenge PUD tidal turbine proposal – South Whidbey Record

We’ll have to keep an eye on this and see what it means to this project. The hearing started yesterday.

The Island County hearing examiner will listen for two days to arguments regarding permits for a proposed tidal turbine pilot project in waters off Whidbey Island. The Tulalip Tribes and the PC Landing Corp. are appealing permits issued by Island County for the temporary installation of two tidal energy generators in Admiralty Inlet and related onshore equipment structures. The project is proposed by Snohomish Public Utility District. The hearing starts Thursday, March 6. Jessie Stensland reports. (South Whidbey Record)

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