Will term limits lead to MRC overhaul? – San Juan Journal

Why is this story important to the Peninsula? Because as we in Jefferson County debate the possible conversion to a Charter County, the San Juans, which converted to a Charter County in the middle of the last decade, are now in the process of politicizing their advisory committees because the Tea Party activists that now control the county have chosen to do so. Folks, as we look at the choice of whether to turn Charter, the hard reality is that it is very likely to have severe unintended consequences. While the current process here seems to be pushed by liberals, the outcome is not guaranteed to be environmental leaning.

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A newly established policy that ushered in term limits to San Juan County’s numerous advisory committees could lead to a major overhaul of the MRC. Eight positions on the Marine Resources Committee will be appointed by the County Council in the coming weeks and a new MRC coordinator will soon be announced.
On July 30, Philip Green, Robin Hirsch and Chuck Schietinger were appointed to MRC positions 2, 1 and 4, respectively.

The appointments were made without notice or prior naming of the candidates during the final agenda time, titled “County Manager and Clerk Updates.”

Steve Wehrly reports.

Obama to designate national monument in San Juan Islands – Seattle Times

Congratulations to those in the San Juans who fought for years to get these fabulous locations down near Cattle Point and the Iceberg Point designated. Having sailed through Cattle Pass, (after having been checked out by an Orca who swam up and dove under my bow), I can attest that it is a most spectacular island location. I add it here because I know that many of you sail from here to the San Juans, and feel like it’s part of the neighborhood.

President Obama plans to designate a national monument in the San Juan Islands, handing a long-sought victory to island residents and members of Washington’s congressional delegation. Obama will sign a proclamation Monday creating the monument, a White House official said Thursday.

Jim Brunner reports.