Over-the-counter pesticides found in islands’ forage fish-San Juan Journal

Very troubling findings in a recent research on pesticides found in Sand Lance which are fish eaten by many higher level predators. Please do not use pesticide sprays like this for carpenter ants and other insects. You likely are poisoning yourself and the environment.

An intriguing sidelight of the Kwiaht study is a finding that sand lances collected closest to Admiralty Inlet, the entrance to Puget Sound, were on average twice as contaminated with pyrethroid pesticides as sand lances collected on the north side of San Juan County closest to the Fraser River plume.


Whidbey anti-jet group appeals to Navy brass – Whidbey News-Times

The battle goes on to protect us from ever increasing noise pollution.

A Central Whidbey citizen group is amping up the scope of its fight against the Navy’s increasing presence in Puget Sound. Representatives of Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve, or COER, say they mailed a letter in February to Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus addressing what they describe as the dangers of the Navy’s new EA-18G Growler. The group also threatens additional action, if necessary. Janis Reid reports. (Whidbey News-Times)


MV Salish ferry now equipped with device to gather Admiralty Inlet data – PDN

The state ferries system has attached a device to the hull of the MV Salish on the Port Townsend-Coupeville route to provide data on low-oxygen water and ocean acidification from Admiralty Inlet….  Charlie Bermant reports. (Peninsula Daily News)


Feds OK Snohomish County PUD’s Tidal Power Project In Admiralty Inlet – KPLU

Ok. It’s time to get this first phase built and find out it’s shortcomings, and positive sides. Every method of electricity generation has a cost, environmentally. Even solar panels have their minerals mined somewhere, likely without much environmental oversight.  So let’s get this extremely benign appearing generation trial in the water and up and running. Once there, we can judge whether it’s worth the environmental costs. My guess, is it’s not going to be anywhere near as bad as even wind has turned out to be (bird deaths have been a major problem in wind sites).

Federal regulators have given unanimous approval for an underwater energy project powered by the tides in Washington’s Admiralty Inlet. Two turbines will take advantage of the fast-moving currents and daily tidal movements in the busy passage west of Whidbey Island, at a depth of about 200 feet. Snohomish County PUD says the turbines will be connected to the electrical grid with cables that emerge on leased land south of the ferry dock in Coupeville. Bellamy Pailthorp reports. (KPLU)

Feds OK Snohomish County PUD’s Tidal Power Project In Admiralty Inlet 

NAS Whidbey resumes practices; Fidalgo noise may increase – Skagit Valley News

It’s not just Fidalgo Island, as these jets can be heard in Port Townsend, especially when the air is calm. The region of Admiralty Inlet has been designated, without virtually any debate, a major training area for the Navy. Our politicians failed us on this one, as we are going to see an increasing amount of jet and helicopter traffic.

Fidalgo Island residents might hear some extra noise in the next few weeks as Naval Air Station Whidbey Island ramps up practices for their Electronic Attack Wing at Ault Field. The Field Carrier Landing Practices will begin on Nov. 4in Oak Harbor and last for approximately three weeks, said a release from the base. These practices are crucial for pilots training to qualify for aircraft carrier operations. For the trainings, the base will use either runways 7/25 or 14/32, depending on conditions. This will be the first time runway 14/32 has been used for FCLPs since July. Kera Wanielista reports.


Some beaches open for shellfish – PDN

Ok to do some shellfish harvesting.

Port Townsend Bay, Oak Bay, Admiralty Inlet and North Hood Canal have reopened for recreational shellfishing. Levels of the marine biotoxin that causes Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning, or PSP, are now below the recreational closure level for these four areas, the Jefferson County Public Health announced Friday. Other beaches in Jefferson County — and all beaches in Clallam County — remain closed because of marine biotoxin levels or pollution. Kilisut Harbor, including Mystery Bay, remains closed to butter clams only.

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Porpoise deaths off Whidbey raise alarms about health of Puget Sound

Three dead porpoises have washed ashore on Whidbey Island in a matter of days, and now some experts are wondering if the animals were ill – or the cause of their deaths is something worse. One of the porpoises was found a few yards away from the iconic Admiralty Lighthouse on Whidbey Island, and Susan Berta is hoping to find answers that will shed light on the mystery.

The dead harbor porpoise found near the lighthouse is the third one she has investigated this week. Just as concerning is what happened north of here, along the San Juan Islands. In early May, over a seven-day stretch, eight porpoises were found dead along the shoreline.


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