How Tree Diversity Can Help Fight Climate Change

While we continue to plunge headlong into creating a monoculture treefarm on the Olympic Peninsula, aided and abetted by DNR, this is a good reminder that the science does not necessarily support this direction.

Ensuring the preservation of forest diversity guarantees their productivity and holds the potential to enhance the accumulation of carbon and nitrogen in the soil. This, in turn, helps maintain soil fertility and combat global climate change.

That’s the main takeaway from a new study that analyzed data from hundreds of plots in Canada’s National Forest Inventory to investigate the relationship between tree diversity and changes in soil carbon and nitrogen in natural forests.

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  3. Yes, one of the many benefits of community forests, such as those being developed by Jefferson Land Trust, to provide a range of community benefits including resiliency and biodiversity in our communities.
    More general information about community forests at
    Some other specific PNW examples include the Whatcom Land Trust and the Nooksack:
    the Mount AdamsResource Stewards

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