Inslee’s commitment to the environment questioned – Everett Herald

I have heard from some that the Governor appears to be jumping on the PR bandwagon a bit too fast in some cases, getting ahead of his own parade. This article seems to point to that issue. While there is no doubt that Inslee is one of the most forceful proponents for the environment in the Governor’s mansion we have ever seen, it seems that closing the circle and working more closely with agents of change, will secure the changes he needs to make a difference. Having his own agencies fighting them is not a way forward, and undermines his credibility.

Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee’s strategy as a warrior for the environment is once again coming under fire from other fighters in the environmentalist movement. They’re angry the state Department of Ecology he oversees is appealing a court order requiring new clean air rules be adopted by the end of the year, even though Inslee himself lauded that legal decision in statements issued by his office and campaign last month. Jerry Cornfield reports. (Everett Herald)’s-commitment-to-the-environment-questioned

Washingtonians Could Safely Eat More Fish Under New Water Pollution Rules – Earthfix

Another good step by Governor Jay Inslee. This decision has been a tough problem that he has had to balance against industry, like Boeing. This is positive. Now the work and money has to be put forward to actually implement the rain gardens and permeable pavement that he wants to see put in place to help.

Washington’s pollution standards would be made much tougher — making water clean enough that people can safely eat a daily serving of fish — under a plan laid out by Gov. Jay Inslee. The governor announced Wednesday that he wants Washington to use the same fish-consumption standards that guide water pollution rules in Oregon….

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