Marine “dead zones” detailed in interactive online map

I would caution the reader about drawing conclusions like Liam did in this article. While malfunctioning septic systems *would* contribute to this problem, and probably *do* contribute, I have not yet seen scientific evidence that they *are* the root causes in Hood Canal. And I have been watching for them for years now. It’s still good to be having septics checked (which most aren’t currently). Additionally the notion that blaming a few random spills off West Point in Seattle where billions of processed sewage is dumped into the Sound is absurd on it’s face. It’s the elephant in the room, as they say.

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Marine “dead zones” detailed in interactive online map
By Liam Moriarty

Growing populations and increasing pollution are contributing to more and more “dead zones” in bays and oceans around the world.

Now there’s an interactive online map pinpointing more than 760 spots across the globe—including 22 in Washington – that either are dead zones or are in danger of becoming one.

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