B.C. Sea Stars approaching extinction?

Seems hard to fathom, that we may be losing the entire species.

A new study published by the Royal Society said sea stars are getting close to extinction as waters along the west coast. Sea stars in the waters off British Columbia that died off in the billions about a decade ago are not recovering as expected, an expert says. Hina Alam reports. (The Canadian Press)

Expert says B.C. sea stars melting away because of wasting disease

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  1. Yes I dive all over the PUGET SOUND and have for the last 33 years and it is only been in the last three or four years that I haven’t seen Even one single specimen of a sunflower Star. Before that, I saw them almost every day I went diving, throughout the sound, and they were abundant.
    Many other species that I used to see commonly are now rare sightings. This evolutionary timescale seems too rapid.

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