Two forest parcels taken off bidding sheet – PDN

Good news this week from the DNR and the NW Watershed Institute.

Eighty acres of Jefferson County forest land will not be sold to the highest bidder, said Peter Bahls of the Northwest Watershed Institute.

That had been the state Department of Natural Resources plan.

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  1. Be concise with your ask! Don’t try to boil the ocean, just a small pot of water!

  2. The PDN article wrote that Hilary Franz said that the state Trust Land Transfer program (DNR’s tool for holding parcels as natural areas and not necessarily for timber harvest) needs more support, funding and interest from state lawmakers. How can we as citizens get their attentions?!

    • Writing directly to the lawmakers is important. Also requesting a meeting with them, as they love to hear from constituents, especially in small groups with the same concerns. Please focus on ONE issue when meeting wit them, and the meeting should be 5 to 10 minutes at most in person at the Capital offices. Prepare in advance. Have talking points clearly set and the bill NUMBER that you want them to support if there is one. For example, maybe expect 1 minute for introductions, 4 mins. to focus on the goal you want to see happen and allow 5 minutes for discussion with the legislator on the issue. This is a professional way to approach your legislator and allows them to fill you in on perhaps the issues facing them in achieving your/their goal. Kevin Van de Wege has been great in filling me in on background on what’s hanging up various bills over the years. Really respect his perspective regardless of whether he is on my side of the issue or not.

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