Orca task force hears about whale watching, dam breaching – PDN

The Orca task force is back on the road taking public comment and debating how to save the remaining Orcas of our resident pods. Without more fish, there is little that will have a huge impact, which is what is needed. Breaching the Snake River Dams are the fastest way to get the most fish in the water. It has been shown that the dams being considered are losing money on every kilowatt generated. But it’s a political hot potato that Jay, now that he’s no longer running for President, may be able to seriously consider.

A state orca task force debated whale watching operations and was urged to recommend the breaching of the lower Snake River dams. The Southern Resident Killer Whale Task Force discussed its recommendations to Gov. Jay Inslee in a day-long meeting Monday in Port Angeles. A final report to Inslee is due Nov. 8. Task force member Donna Sandstrom, founder and executive director of the Whale Trail, a Seattle nonprofit working to help the endangered Southern Resident orcas, suggested that the task force add its recommendation to suspend orca whale watching to an urgent list for legislative action. “We’re not hopeless, but we will be soon,” Sandstrom said of the J, K and L orca pods that hunt chinook salmon in the Salish Sea. Rob Ollikainen reports. (Peninsula Daily News)

Orca task force hears about whale watching, dam breaching

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