Hunting and Fishing to Expand on 77 National Wildlife Refuges – OPB

The outrage to our National Wildlife Refuges by the radical right wing that Trump has put in place in our federal government continues. It is hard to believe that most Republicans that voted for Trump were voting for this to happen. This is a right wing revolution taking place right in front of our eyes, and the damage may never be recovered from it. These areas were set aside as refuges,over the last 100 years,  now they are nothing more than shooting galleries for hunters. I have no idea why anyone would cheering such a thing.  Once again it reinforces the notion that you could have all the great intentions in the world, but if you sit out elections because your favorite candidate didn’t get the nod, then you have no power to accomplish anything, and you likely lose what you value. Voting counts.

Hunting And Fishing To Expand On 77 National Wildlife Refuges
The Trump administration is expanding hunting and fishing opportunities in 77 national wildlife refuges. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service eliminated or revised thousands of regulations to closely match state laws. The expansion added more than 1.4 million acres nationwide and more than doubled the acreage that has been opened or expanded in the last five years combined…. In Washington, San Juan Islands National Wildlife Refuge and the Spring Creek, Leavenworth, Little White Salmon and Entiat national fish hatcheries will open to sport fishing for the first time. In addition, the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge will open more land to waterfowl hunting this season.  Molly Samayoa reports. (OPB)