COER sues Navy over FIOA violations – Whidbey Island News

And more lawsuits piling up on the Navy. It’s not just about noise. The Navy (and other military branches) use very environmentally damaging fire fighting chemicals in the event of a jet problem.  It is my understanding that they also simply stray them on the jet engines to cool them down (anyone able to corroborate that data?). The chemicals are in common use at this base (and most others around the world) and have been found in wells and groundwater in homes near this  base, as the article states. The Navy is not a benign neighbor. There are significant downsides that have been covered up or ignored for decades. Now they are being surfaced. It’s time to question whether this is an appropriate location any longer for training purposes. There are *many* options available, by the Navy’s own EIS. It’s just that they want this location.

A Whidbey Island group known for protesting Navy training flights at a small airfield near Coupeville filed a lawsuit alleging a laundry list of violations of the Freedom of Information Act.

There is a paywall on this, but you can read some of it without subscription.

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