Washington State sues Navy over expansion of Growler jet training on Whidbey Island – Cascadia Magazine

Finally, we get a politician with the courage to stand up to the illegal activity the Navy has been pursuing for years in the air above a huge swath of the North Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca.

The Navy started training pilots here, from what I can determine, in WWII. Think about that. Single engine prop planes, in an area that was very lightly populated. Simply add to that as you move forward in time, little by little. Now, they have decided that they want to continue to massively expand, though now there are tens of thousands of retirees and regular folks living within 30 to 40 miles radius from them. Their jets are louder than ever. Not even designed to be quiet. And most of the Navy personnel are simply here today gone tomorrow. I talked to a consultant to them, at the “public information day” a year or so back. He told me to my face that “you have it good! I live in Virginia and there are far more overflights by Navy training there than here!” That’s their perspective. At least we aren’t Virginia. They have no local knowledge nor perspective. They don’t care. They are on to the next assignment next year. They don’t care if they have huge training grounds in the middle of the Nevada desert to train in without anyone around. They don’t care if we sleep well at night. They don’t care about us at all. This is life in the modern military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about. You and I have no voice at all. Their plan is to turn the Sound into the Navy’s training ground. All of it. It’s very clear from their 100+ page EIS’s. And people who don’t hear the jets are just like people who don’t actually pay for healthcare. They don’t hear it so they don’t care. So who is on our side? Rep. Kilmer has no idea what to do other than “study the sound”.  The Governor is off polishing his defense resume for his  presidential bid. No one cares. It’s up to us and our AG. No matter what the outcome, thank you to AG Bob Ferguson and local politician Michelle Sandoval for suggesting that he look into it. We will remember you at the ballot box because we know, you took action when many others didn’t.

The Navy’s expansion of loud, low-flying Growler jet training flights on Whidbey Island drew a lawsuit on Tuesday from Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who alleges the Navy did not do enough to examine the flights’ impacts on people and wildlife. In a state that has long hosted military bases — and welcomed billions of dollars of Defense Department spending — the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Seattle marks a rare court challenge of a Pentagon decision from state political leaders. Hal Bernton reports. (Seattle Times) See also: ‘An egregious violation’: WA sues Navy for dumping toxic paint into Puget Sound  The copper-based paint repels barnacles — but it could add up to a larger environmental cost. John Stang reports. (Cascadia Magazine)

Washington state sues Navy over expansion of Growler jet training on Whidbey Island 

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  1. I live in the flight plan near olf. I bought this house knowing full well of the jets partially because I did my research and also I signed a document that disclosed the noise. I knew what I was getting into. And so did you and everyone who lives there. (Except for the idiot who bought the old barn sight unseen). If I didn’t like my house I’d sell it. But I love it here.
    To me it seems that the problem here is solely based on buying low and selling high, in order to do that the Navy must cease all training missions. Be transparent and stop using fake science.

    • I don’t think that someone like myself who bought a house 16 nautical miles away from the base had any understanding at all that there was going to be significant noise from the Navy. And I also believe and I know for a fact from people that I’ve talked to that real estate agents do not often disclose that type of information in advance of the sale.Obviously they have to if you’re under the flight plans were very close to it, but if you look at the people that are living in houses out near where the ferry landing is for example, you would not assume that a real estate agent would give that type of information.

      That you’re happy with your house is great I’m happy for you. that you don’t care about the noise is great also obviously.

      I also think that your assumption of buying low and selling high is not accurate. I don’t even understand really what you’re talking about when you say that. I don’t know anyone who is complaining about the jet noise from Whidbey that’s trying to somehow get more money out of their home.However any one that bought on Whidbey Island in the last couple of years and now finds out that there is vastly more jets going to be taking off then the Navy originally said could be forgiven for being angry about that.

      and the attorney general apparently agrees with us, when it comes to the Navy’s lame EIS.

      I don’t know what you mean when you say stop using fake science. I didn’t use any science at all in that article.

      Not Many of us that are objecting to the noise are asking that the Navy cease all training missions.That they fly until midnight is more than a distraction, and no one else but them would be allowed to make that much noise that late into the evening.

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