‘Regional climate modeling’ provides clearer picture of climate change impacts in PNW | KNKX

This is what Cliff Mass is best at, regional weather modeling. Cliff has at times been highly skeptical of climate change issues that many of the rest of the scientific community had already excepted, but in the last few years he seems to of come entirely on board with the premise. This appears to be very good work that he’s done with this group of atmospheric researchers.

How does it apply to us here on the Olympic Peninsula? If our snow pack is reduced by 75% in the next hundred years, we may have to seriously look at alternative ways of getting water for our towns like Port Townsend. And the notion of having a papermill that uses 1,000,000 gallons or more a day will likely be a thing of the past.

KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass has been working with a group of atmospheric researchers at the University of Washington hoping to get a better idea of the
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  1. You are right. I was misremembering the numbers. Thanks for correcting that!

  2. Very interesting analysis! The City of Port Townsend uses a million gallons of water a day. The paper mill actually uses 10-12 million gallons a day: https://www.nipimpressions.com/port-townsend-paper-corporation-mill-to-recycle-more-use-less-water-cms-8920

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