As salmon dwindle, whales die – National Geographic

It’s highly unlikely that the government will tear down Snake River dams for the salmon. Glad they asked the Governor. If any modern Governor would champion this idea, it’s Jay.

Governor Jay Inslee visited the San Juan Islands over Labor Day weekend for two reasons: to secure voters, and to get a little peace and quiet. While he did find those two things, he was also confronted with something else—orca advocates seeking help for the region’s Southern Resident killer whales. On the morning of September 3, atop Mount Grant, Inslee listened to the pleas of the orca group to remove dams from the Snake River to help replenish wild salmon stocks. In turn, he asked the group—which included both concerned scientists and citizens—questions about the importance of Columbia-Snake River Basin and its salmon to the orcas. The answer: With dams on the Columbia, there are fewer salmon, and with fewer salmon, the orcas will continue starving to death. Carl Safina and Erica Cirino write. (National Geographic)

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  1. Would like to know how to better engage with this issue. Will email Inslee.

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