Neutral Weather Pattern Sets Up ‘Anything Goes’ Northwest Winter – KUOW

I think this is good news.

What kind of weather might the Northwest be in for this fall and winter? Well, one meaningful clue came when federal forecasters at the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center Thursday dropped their “La Niña Watch.” La Niña and its opposite, El Niño, are tropical climate patterns that can strongly influence snowfall and temperatures in the Pacific Northwest. La Niña is characterized by unusually cold surface waters in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. For much of this year, federal forecasters thought a mild La Niña was developing. But no longer. Kathie Dello, deputy director of the Oregon Climate Service at Oregon State University, said the outlook has now been dialed back to “ENSO neutral” in weather-speak — or La Nada. Tom Banse reports. (KUOW)

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