Pit-to-pier’s ‘significance’ spurned by Jefferson County commissioners -PDN

Fred Hill continues to struggle to get traction for their long running project to create a new port facility on Hood Canal.  The interesting part of the story is that when F.H. sold part of it’s Shine operation, it resulted in layoffs rather job creation. Their claims of creating thousands of jobs have to be taken into question. My basic math says that if you change from trucks to loading ships with the same raw material, you probably end up eliminating truck driving jobs. The likely outcome of P2P, if it ever happens, is less workers, industrialization of Hood Canal in an area without industry now, and immense noise pollution of a wide residential area around the facility that currently is quiet. We’ll await the EIS to see what else there may be lurking in the eel grass.

9/15 Peninsula Daily News –By Jeff Chew –Peninsula Daily News

PORT TOWNSEND — Jefferson County commissioners on Monday took no action on a Fred Hill Materials’ request to designate the company’s proposed pit-to-pier project as an “industrial project of statewide significance.

County Administrator Philip Morley’s recommended against the designation.

Seeing it as a “risk potentially,” Morley said the county could legally be viewed as a “co-applicant” and an advocate for the project.

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