Creosote-tainted pilings, docks to be removed in Jefferson County – PDN

Stock image from DNR.

The good work continues to reverse the long held practice of putting toxic pilings, that remain so for decades, into the Sound and greater Salish Sea. It took over a hundred years for these to be put in, it will take a long time to get them all out. But you work one project at a time.  Another example of how our Marine Resource Committee works together with the State of Washington to move us towards a better environment.  It also helps pay for temporary jobs, to do those tasks.

The state will begin removing hundreds of toxic, creosote-treated pilings in East Jefferson County.  Beginning Nov. 4 and continuing into next year, the state Department of Natural Resources will take out pilings and several thousand square feet of overwater structures at seven sites from Port Townsend Channel southward to Point Whitney in Hood Canal in the $588,000 project. Most of the removal sites provide habitat for forage fish and migrating juvenile salmon that feed on them, DNR said. Creosote, containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), was used historically to prevent wood decay and insect infestations.

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