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Thursday will bring a “supermoon”, with the New Moon occurring at the same time as the moon is in Perigee (the closest its orbit comes to the earth). Larger than average tides accompany every New and Full Moon, year-round. But the added Perigee component means that over the next few days, our high tides will be much higher than normal, and the difference between high and low tides will be more extreme.

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Low Tides Coming this Weekend! – Seattle Times

A good opportunity to get outside and go to the beach…

You can take advantage of very low tides this holiday weekend by getting a naturalist’s view of a largely unseen world. What can you find? Anemones, moon snails, clams and another slimy surprise or two. Volunteer naturalists will be wandering the beaches, teaching folks about the life-forms that make their home between the tides and about the challenges the animals face.
Richard Seven reports.

Explore sea life on shore at low tide

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