Once-common marine birds disappearing from our coast – Seattle Times

For many years I’ve been commenting to friends that I felt I’ve seen a substantial drop in shorebirds around Port Townsend, and on the coast in general. It appears I unfortunately may be correct.

“Scoters down 75% from the 1970’s. Murres have dropped even more. Western Grebes have mostly vanished…”

Craig Welch reports for the Seattle Times.


BirdNote: Monitoring the Health of Coastal Raptors

If you like to listen: “Since 1995, biologist Dan Varland, Executive Director of Coastal Raptors, has been monitoring the health of raptors on the Washington coast, where Peregrine Falcons stoop on shorebirds feeding along the tideline…”

KUOW story on coastal Algae bloom

KUOW did a short piece on the coastal algae bloom problem. Only issue that they might have changed in the coverage could have been that the lack of dead birds now might not be from the algae being less dangerous, but from the fact that the birds might all be dead!