Massive Algae Bloom off Pacific Coast

From NASA. Nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year, apparently, but very unusual view of it because of lack of clouds.  Thanks to Peter Guerrero for the tip.



What makes Anderson Lake so unusually toxic? Scientists to try to find answer – PDN

Anderson Lake, which has the dubious distinction of setting a poisonous world record in 2008, is under a microscope. The goal: to try to find out why one of the North Olympic Peninsula’s most popular fishing spots has been plagued since 2006 by soaring levels of anatoxin-a, a potent nerve toxin produced by blue-green algae. Jeremy Schwartz reports.

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Unexplained algae blooms have scientists searching for answers –

Scientists are amazed at the size and number of algae blooms staining the waters of Puget Sound. The Department of Ecology has conducted flyovers of Puget Sound the last two days and what they saw has them searching for answers. They are hoping other agencies will sample and test water from the blooms to determine what they are and maybe where they came from.

KUOW story on coastal Algae bloom

KUOW did a short piece on the coastal algae bloom problem. Only issue that they might have changed in the coverage could have been that the lack of dead birds now might not be from the algae being less dangerous, but from the fact that the birds might all be dead!

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