Contaminated wells in Yakima, could they be here as well?

New report on the issue of PFAS chemicals in wells next to the Yakima Army Training Center. This blog has documented many articles of concern about the use of these chemicals at Whidby Island Air Base. The Army and Navy have downplayed the issue for decades. But they are no longer able to hide the issue. Hoping that Derek Kilmer, if re-elected, will actually do something about this at the Federal level.

In February two U.S. Army representatives knocked on the Hyatts’ door to deliver cases of bottled water and a carefully worded letter that noted a “potential risk to human health.”

The Hyatts’ well was one of 300 residential drinking water wells tested for contamination from two firefighting foam chemicals that seeped into groundwater flows from the Army’s Yakima Training Center.

Kudos to the Seattle Times for the good reporting they bring to the table.

Heartache, anger in Central Washington over drinking-water wells tainted by ‘forever chemicals’ | The Seattle Times

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