Local group opposes military use of state parks

The group “No Park Warfare” has organized to oppose the state allowing the Navy to use state parks as military training sites. Count me in as this is another expansion of the never ending reach of the military here in our area. Have we ever been asked to vote on this? Nope. All done through a board of non-elected officials who apparently ignored thousands of emails in coming to their decision. 


Fellow Park Lovers,
We are challenging the
recent State Parks Commission decision to allow Navy SEAL covert
training in our coastal Washington State Parks.
We are a group of everyday citizens who believe we can stop this horrible plan if we all pull together right now. 
Read & Sign our Citizens’ Complaint Letter Here.
Please sign before March 31 when we will submit this letter.

The letter can be found at:


More letters needed on Electronic Warfare Range to Chief of US Forest Service

Forwarded to me, and now to you:
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Saving Olympic National Park
Thank you to all who wrote letters to Robert Bonnie, Under Secretary of Natural Resources, protesting the use of the Olympic Peninsula for an Electronic Warfare Range.  Mr. Bonnie’s office recently conveyed the following:
  •  His office has been so inundated with letters of protest, they have been unable to respond, and are forwarding the letters to the Forest Service to review and send a reply.
  • Mr. Bonnie is personally keeping a daily count of the letters of protest received. To date, the tally is well over 200, and continues to climb.  This is unprecedented for their office.
  • While the public outcry has definitely garnered Mr. Bonnie’s attention, it will take more than one individual to turn this around. She said to contact Tom Tidwell, Chief of US Forest Service     (contact info below)
Already written Mr. Bonnie? You can use the same letter, but address it to Chief Tidwell… and add a few lines in the opening paragraph about the FIRE RISK that this Range would introduce. An accidental jet crash,while perhaps not frequent, could have devastating consequences, putting thousands of American lives– and Olympic National Park–in grave danger.  Listen to the Chief’s advice:
“Remember, these lands belong to you and to all Americans.  As Americans we have an obligation to preserve our wilderness heritage for generations to come.”                 See:
If you have not yet written your letter to Mr. Bonnie, please do so immediately:
Contact info::
Chief Tom Tidwell, USFS
1400 Independence Ave SW
Washington, DC 20250-1111
cc, (even if you are from out-of-state):
Derek Kilmer’s assistant:
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