Bangor construction not affected by budget crisis?

While those in the middle and bottom of society are going to be the ones most affected by the budget crisis in Washington, the militarization, and urbanization of Hood Canal continues unabated. I’m not saying this is right or wrong, at least not here and now, but what it is, is the continued growth of urban like efforts in the last semi-natural fjord in the lower 48.

One military expense that’s not discussed in budget talks is construction of a $715 million dollar explosives handling wharf at the Navy’s Bangor Nuclear Submarine Base. The base occupies five miles of shoreline on the northern edge of Hood Canal, Puget Sound’s western arm. It manages the third largest collection of nuclear warheads in the country. A National Environmental Policy Act lawsuit was filed against the Navy last summer. Legal wrangling kept the case on hold. But last week the 9th Circuit said its first responsibility was to resolve issues raised by the suit and the case would move forward. Martha Baskin reports.

A Multi-Million Dollar Military Expense Not in ‘Budget Talk’: Construction of a 2nd Explosives Handling Wharf at Bangor Nuclear Submarine Base 20 Miles from Seattle

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