Boaters Beware: State Wants to Ban Sewage Dumping in Puget Sound – Earthfix

UPDATED: This proposal would not ban grey water discharge.

It is currently illegal to dump untreated sewage overboard in Puget Sound. When I last chartered, it was made clear to me that I had to pump out, not macerate. Now the State Department of Ecology wants to ban *all* treated sewage coming off recreational and commercial vessels in the Sound.

Proposed No Dump Zone for boaters.

No dump zone


It might surprise you to learn that you can dump the contents of your toilet into Puget Sound and not get in trouble. That’s essentially what some boaters do when they discharge their sewage into the water instead of pumping it out at a dock or marina.

The state Department of Ecology has proposed a federally-enforced ban on dumping in Puget Sound to stop the practice.

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