Feb 1–Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Adventuress!

NEXT FRIDAY, Feb. 1: At exactly 12:30 PM in Port Townsend, Sound Experience will recognize the  exact day a century ago that the historic schooner Adventuress “splashed” in E. Boothbay, Maine. You’re invited to come aboard for a "Flash Shanty" to sing the shanty "Paddy Lay Back" [ http://www.soundexp.org/uploads/Paddy%20Lay%20Back%20Lyrics.pdf ] filmed for YouTube– or to post your own singing of the shanty on YouTube. For more, visit Sound Experience, http://soundexp.org

A trip to Maine in search of schooner’s roots – threesheetsnw

Another birthday celebrated this week was the 100th anniversary of the laying of the keel of the Adventuress. My wife and I, were invited along on Monday on a day sail, with some members of the board and significant donors from the Port Townsend area. Thanks to Kiwi Jim of Edensaw, and others.

And thanks to Catherine Collins at Sound Experience which runs the schooner Adventuress for sharing her blog:

“At a time when centennial anniversaries are ubiquitous, I’m on a personal journey to try to answer the question, ‘Why does it matter that Adventuress is turning 100 years old in 2013?’ Having committed the past seven years of my life to the schooner’s restoration — indeed, to her very survival — I’m eager to find the answer. A late summer road trip leads me and my intrepid 12-year-old niece (acting as photographer/videographer) to E. Boothbay, Maine to meet with 74-year-old historian Robert Rice. Robert is the grandson of Henry Rice, one of three brothers who founded the Rice Brothers Shipyard in 1891….”