EVENT: The Sierra Club North Olympic Group’s October Presentation

Hear Why We Need to Protect the Miller Peninsula
Thursday October 19, 7PM on Zoom
In the 1980s, Sierra Club leader Darlene Schanfald became a whistleblower when she learned of a secret deal between Washington State and the multinational firm, Mitsubishi, to develop land that had been set aside for a state park. Outraged citizens were able to keep the land for a state park.

Over the years, with no state funds for developing the park, the park became a day use site for hikers, non-motorized bikers and equestrians, one of only 17 day-use parks in State Parks’ system.  But now, State Parks has taken a page from Mitsubishi and plans to intensively develop the parkland, destroying its natural and ecological features.

Join our monthly presentation for a walk through of this park and the threats it faces.



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  1. This does seem to be a spectacularly ill-conceived idea of State Parks for so many reasons.

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