A Stark Assessment

Photos from around the world by New York Times photographers. Got friends or family who don’t believe Climate Change is real? Send them this set of photos.

Our Changing World: The Climate Crisis in Pictures – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

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  1. Won’t let me read unless I subscribe.

    • Yes, I know. I post these articles even if they have a paywall so that readers are aware of the issues, and can follow up by either subscribing to the news or going to their local library to follow up. Wish I could do more but don’t have the budget to! Thanks for reading!

    • Hi Brenda, I know. I posted so that if someone’s interested, they could swing by the library and take a look.

  2. Wow, as we both know ignoring climate change isn’t going to work as even a short-term strategy for dealing with the issue. A bright spot is that I don’t think that I have any friends and family that don’t accept the basic facts of climate change, but there is still a tendency among a few to either feel there is nothing that can be done or that the problem isn’t that bad. The NYT pictures will be useful to talk about climate change with them.

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