Enforce Sen. Magnuson’s ‘little amendment’ to protect Salish Sea – Seattle Times

One of the best things that Magnuson ever did was to get this amendment passed. Since the 70s, we have minimized our risks with this law. As the article points out, environmental groups like Friends of the Earth and Friends of the San Juans have been fighting hard for years over the lack of enforcement by the Army Corps of Engineers and others. The Corps, as long-time readers of this blog know, are hell bent to do whatever industry asks of them, including hiding key documents in lawsuits and not upholding the laws when it suits industry. They have proven themselves unworthy of public trust.

A good article that summarizes where we are at with the Magnuson Act some 45 years later.

Enforce Sen. Magnuson’s ‘little amendment’ to protect Salish Sea | The Seattle Times

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