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The ballots will arrive soon. We have an easy choice to stay the course with legislators who have long time environmental records showing support for positive environmental change and programs. I am a pragmatist. I look at what the politician delivered. I don’t hold them to some impossible standards of perfection. The situation of politics in this country is what it is. Deal with it and vote for people who deliver for the environment. The following current holders of these positions have done their job passing legislation that are making a difference. I am unwilling to change any of these people for unknown quantities, especially given the proven disinterest and disbelief of scientific concerns by the Republican party when it comes to climate change. Here are my recommendations based on tracking of politicians’ words/deeds or stated beliefs over the past years.

U.S.Senator – Patty Murray

U.S. House of Representative – Derek Kilmer

State Representative – 24th District Position 1 – Mike Chapman

State Representative – 24th District Position 2 – Steve Tharinger

Jefferson County Commissioner District 3 – Greg Brotherton

In looking at the Democrats, it is important to review accomplishments. Let’s focus on that for a moment. Biden and the Democrats have passed the largest investment in history to combat climate change. $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure investment that funded environmental priorities. This is not trivial.


ACA health care plan and opened healthcare records in their entirety to patients.
Appointed 41 federal judges that often decide on environmental issues.
$1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief and vax plans.

Also passed the PACT Act for veterans’ health care and the most significant gun safety reform in 30 years. We have seen huge job growth coming off the pandemic—jobless claims are at their lowest in 50 years. Among many ways of supporting American industry the Democrats have passed the CHIPS Act for bringing microchip jobs home.

The situation of the economy is horrible, but no politician of either stripe is going to fix the Ukraine war, the price of gas from the Saudis’, or the lack of immigrant labor driving up labor costs across the country. The Democrats have a great track record in solving problems in economic crisis. Let’s let them have another two years to work on it.

Ultimately, we also need to remember that President Biden needs to maintain control of the House and Senate in order to appoint Supreme Court justices that support environmental protections over industry profits. And he supports a woman’s right to choose. Our choices will help achieve those goals. .

Vote in November.

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  1. Environmental protection and climate change are two different things.

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