Arlington electric aircraft maker logs order for 75 planes- Everett Herald

The future is coming whether we accept it or not. On the same day that the Biden Administration announced it is planning to give $6B to support the economically failed world of nuclear power, the next generation planes are being ordered. While many red state politicians want you to continue our massive taxpayer funded subsidies to fossil fuels, it would be great to see continued investment in this technology that will fuel the second half of this century airplanes.

ARLINGTON — Eviation Aircraft, the Arlington company that has built a fully electric commuter airplane, got a hefty boost this week when one of the nation’s largest commuter airlines, Cape Air, signed a letter of intent to buy 75 of the Eviation Alice model.

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  1. This is nice to see for smaller aircraft. We are still a long way from electricity powering 737-size aircraft, largely due to battery weight. The best hope for a quick massive reduction in carbon emissions from large aircraft is switching to “sustainable jet fuel” (SAF), the sister of “renewable diesel” — basically vegetable-based fuels that are molecularly identical to their conventional petroleum-based cousins. Large cargo vessels with diesel-electric engines are using this, and it has been tested in 737s and larger aircraft. More on renewable fuels is here:

  2. What fuel source do people really think we’re going to use to charge batteries that try to maintain our consumptive lifestyles? The nuclear industry has its biggest supporters inEV advocates. Bah!

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