EVENT: Hear About Threats to Our Coastal Resources and What to Do About It – Sierra Club

Worth watching.

Dr. Anne Shaffer of the Coastal Watershed Institute

February 17, 7:00PM, via Zoom

RSVPs Required

For three decades, The Coastal Watershed Institute has lead the way in nearshore ecosystem conservation and restoration through place-based science.

Dr. Anne Shaffer, CWI’s  Executive Director, and a small group of colleagues first formed CWI in 1996. Thru her leadership CWI conducts world class coastal ecosystem science, conservation, and restoration with very modest resources.  

A nearshore marine scientist and manager for her entire career, Dr. Shaffer has authored over forty scientific papers.  She and CWI have received numerous awards over the years including the NOAA/AFS Nancy Foster Award, the American Fisheries Science Conservation Organization of the Year Award, and the Seattle Aquarium Conservation Research Science Award.

A resident of the Olympic Peninsula for over 30 years, Anne and her husband continue their dedication to  understanding, conserving, restoring, and promoting the physical and ecological processes of our vanishing  wild  Pacific Northwest coastlines.RSVP Here:  https://act.sierraclub.org/events/details?formcampaignid=7013q000002GME1AAO

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