Port Townsend Event: Testify against military use of our parks 1/27

This is an update on the meeting happening on Thursday to get citizen feedback on allowing the State to have military training operations in our State parks. Just say no. Sent out by the local group No Park Warfare. Olyopen is not a member of this group but supports their stance.



Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission will be holding their next public meeting in person at Ft. Worden State Park in Port Townsend on Thursday, Jan. 27 this month. Please attend this meeting and continue to advocate for our State Parks!

Military training in State Parks is an issue that will be raised. One year ago in a single, virtual public hearing, the Commission voted 4 to 3 to allow military warfare training in our parks in spite of overwhelming opposition from the public, Jefferson County, the City of Port Townsend and other Puget Sound communities and groups.

This controversial decision granted permission for the military to conduct covert warfare surveillance trainings in our State Parks, using submersible vehicles, “fake” weapons, and unsuspecting park visitors as proxy enemies. Right now the trainings are being planned by park staff for Fort Worden, Fort Flagler, and other parks.

Soon after last year’s decision, a lawsuit was filed against the Commission by Washington taxpayers — the actual owners of the parks — who want continued protection for natural park environments, and for the peaceful recreation of the people.

A Citizens’ Complaint Letter signed by hundreds of concerned park users was filed with the Commission as well. To date, no response from Washington State Park Commissioners has been received.

The Commission usually meets from 9am to 5pm with a designated time for public input around 11am. This allows local residents—like YOU—to speak. Simply fill out a comment card at the sign-in table and the Chair will call on you at the appropriate time. Come early if at all possible.

Written comments can be handed to staff at the meeting with a request they be read aloud by Commissioners. We also encourage people to submit written comments by snail mail or email to Commission@parks.wa.gov.

For more meeting or lawsuit details go to: https://notinourparks.org/.

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

January 27, 2022 Fort Worden State Park, 200 Battery Way, Port

Townsend, WA 98368, Commons Conference Space

If Possible, please:

  •  Come at 8:30 am and stay until noon. (The Café is open from 7:30am until 2pm – very good coffee, food, inside/outside seating.)
  •  Bring friends.
  •  Bring signs (Parks Are for People, Octopus, Relaxation, Peace).
  •  Bring cell phones and take lots of photos (signs, crowds, etc.)
  •  Wear a name tag – name and group if you belong to one.
  •  Wear masks inside and observe Covid precautions.
  • Sign in to speak at entry desk.
  • Give written comments to staff (if you are not going to speak, ask that Commissioners read your comments aloud).
  •  Warfare training in parks is not on the agenda, but we may all bring this up during the ‘open public comment’ period around 10 or 11am.
  • Use Compassionate Communication in interactions. Focus on what we do want – our parks for play, relaxation, enjoyment of nature, healing, celebrations. Not everyone present may be on our same page. Be prepared to speak peacefully and walk away immediately from antagonism.

Peace, and see you there!

No Park Warfare

noparkwarfare.wordpress.com; notinourparks.org


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  1. I am vehemently opposed to the use of our State Parks for military exercises. It is immoral that we spend huge amounts of money for weapons that can destroy all life on this planet, and it is immoral to allow military exercises to contaminate civil society and our environment.

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