No shortage of questions to be answered for regions shrinking Orca population – Skagit Valley Herald

The money has been spent on the studies, now we need to save the fish that they eat. That, will be incredibly harder. We are in a race against time.

While scientists, wildlife managers and others continue to untangle the complex web of fish, boat and water quality issues that affect the health of Southern Resident orca whales, the population remains endangered — and continues to shrink. The National Marine Fisheries Service published a five-year review of the species on Jan. 4 in which it recommended the orca’s status under the federal Endangered Species Act remain unchanged. The species uses West Coast and Salish Sea habitat and eats the region’s salmon. Despite billions of dollars spent and dozens of studies authored since the Southern Resident orca was listed as endangered in 2005, there are now 15 fewer whales than there were in 2005. Kimberly Cauvel reports. (Skagit Valley Herald)

“No shortage of questions to be answered” for region’s shrinking orca population 

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