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This is a never ending issue. Our Jefferson County Port Commissioners never seem to take this as a serious threat undermining our local parks. Once granted, it is unlikely ever to be “undone.” I’m glad to see the State Parks Commission taking it seriously.

“The public is very reluctant for you to have access to our parks,” Danenberg said. “There’s a creepiness factor that even if you’re never seen, we know it’s happening and it’s making the public uncomfortable.”

Navy training proposal met with concern | Local News |

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  1. I also have sent an email to the parks commission asking them to deny approval of navy use of our parks. All readers should take the time to send as little as one or two sentences opposing military use of our parks.

  2. Thank you for posting this, Al! I have written to
    thanking them for opposing the use of state parks for warfare training, and asking them to continue to oppose it.

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