Salish Sea Shared Waters forum wraps up third and final year of work to reduce risks of oil spills – KNKX

This work brought to you by those who fought for a stronger barrel tax in 2018, against the onslaught of money and influence from the oil refineries in the state. Representative Steve Tharinger co-sponsored this. Representative Chapman and Senator Kevin Van De Wege voted for it. They have been working to protect our Sound. Actions not words. A thing to remember as you fill out your ballot this week.

Washington has been stepping up systems to prevent and reduce the risk of oil spills, due in part to the looming expansion of Canada’s Trans Mountain Pipeline. It could result in as much as a sevenfold increase in the number of oil tankers traveling from Vancouver, B.C., through Puget Sound. In 2018, the state Legislature passed the Strengthening Oil Transportation Safety Act. Among its requirements, along with a barrel tax on crude oil and updates to contingency plans for oil spills, was the establishment of the Salish Sea Shared Waters forum. Bellamy Pailthorp reports. (KNKX)

Salish Sea Shared Waters forum wraps up third and final year of work to reduce risks of oil spills

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  1. Thanks, Al, for keeping this important issue in the forefront. The work to save the Salish Sea from increased oil traffic dangers is far from over.

  2. We appreciate your work on the Olympic Peninsula! We lived there for 15 years full-time, when we worked in Envir. issues there. Question; Currently we live in Olympia. We see how the Dept of Ecology ignores the pollution of Puget Sound, and allows business to go forward. Meanwhile everyone sees the millions that go into saving the Orca whales, and hears the “Save Puget Sound” rant. Here on Budd Inlet, we have the “Port of Olympia”, which was sued a decade ago for allowing stormwater to destroy the inlet. They are still at it. It is rough. Thanks, Lee Riner

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