Jeff Co wins $1.2M for wetland restoration – PT Leader

A little belated good news for the county, Tarboo Creek and Discovery Bay.

The state Department of Ecology announced April 13 it secured seven National Coastal Wetlands Conservation grants worth $5 million to help local partners restore coastal wetlands and 17,500 feet of marine shoreline in Jefferson, Kistap, Snohomish, Thurston and Whatcom counties.,69025

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  1. We are very fortunate in Jefferson County to live in a community that realizes the value of conserving our natural areas. I am very proud of the role that my fellow Conservation Futures Committee members and I played in reviewing this project and recommending it for funding approval by the Board of County Commissioners. I have served on the Conservation Futures Oversight Committee for the past 7 years. Both the NW Watershed Institute and the Jefferson Land Trust have been the beneficiaries of that program, allowing them to carry out important community conservation projects that benefit not just our community but the region. Often, the Conservation Futures dollars provide the crucial “match” that allows JLT and the NW Watershed Institute to apply for additional funding. As the County grapples with the likelihood of Covid-19 related budget reductions, I urge Jefferson County residents to remain committed to the Conservation Futures Program.

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