Tribe calls for NOAA to help rescue two ailing orcas, but scientists sent home during government shutdown – Seattle Times

How does the Federal shutdown affect Orca recovery?

The Lummi Nation urged federal officials Wednesday to launch an emergency response to help two ailing southern-resident killer whales — but how do you call for help? The unprecedented government shutdown, continuing into its fourth week, has stymied any attempt by the tribe or veterinarians ready to help killer whales K25 and J17, among the 75 remaining southern residents that frequent Puget Sound. The policy makers and scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration who would approve and coordinate any such response, such as for the emergency rescue plan for J50 last summer, are unavailable during the shutdown. Lynda Mapes reports. (Seattle Times)

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  1. Considering the state took a substantial payment (bribe?) from the Navy to expand their submarine base (which was used to pull century old, heavily sea life encrusted pilings instead of shoreline enhancement), this presents an interesting situation.

    • I have no idea what you mean by the state taking a bribe from the Navy. There was a business deal made to help mitigate the destruction of shoreline that the Navy was causing. All parties were happy with the solution, at least when it was made. There was far more than just pulling century old creosote pilings from the Hood Canal. Much more. Please do some research before jumping to such conclusions. It doesn’t make you look like you do much checking to validate your assumptions. I have my opinions on the Navy expansion and the agreement that was signed but I wasn’t there, I was not asked to give input and I expressed my feelings directly to two county commissioners, for whatever it was worth. you might try doing so as well.

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