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A 99 year old doctor from Sequim who was pivotal in stopping both a nuclear plant that was planned for the Miller Peninsula (just west of Cape George) as well as the planned Northern Tier pipeline that was planned to run through the waters off Protection Island, was honored with the Eleanor Stopps annual environmental award. Along with Dr. Eloise Kailin, young Sara Doyle was also a co-recipient, the first time the award was given to two people, and the youngest person to receive it. Doyle has been the Stewardship coordinator for the North Olympic Salmon Coalition. Eleanor Stopps was the woman who worked tirelessly for over a decade to turn Protection Island into a National Wildlife Refuge in 1982.

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Kailin, Doyle honored with Eleanor Stopps environmental award


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  1. Jim it’s about a lifetime of work around environmental protection. given the notion that they were going to put a nuclear power plant on the shoreline of a area that has an extremely high probability of a major earthquake sooner than later I think it was an absolutely brilliant win .

  2. Apparently very slim pickings. Protesting nuclear power generation is not something worth bragging about.

    • Have no idea what you mean by that. The last thing I want to see is a nuclear power plant just upwind and across from Cape George. An absurd and unsubstantiated bit of opinion Jim.

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