Underwater noise pollution also disturbs fish, study suggests – CBC

More evidence that noise pollution in the waters of the Salish Sea can have negative impacts on more than just Orcas.

Plastics and oil aren’t the only types of pollution having a negative impact on fish. According to a new study entitled Sound the Alarm, noise is also a growing problem for the aquatic animals. “In terms of fish behaviour and physiology, it’s negative responses across the board,” said Kieran Cox, a doctoral student at the University of Victoria. Cox and fish ecologist, Francis Juanes, led the collaborative team that conducted the research, which was published in the peer-reviewed journal Global Change Biology. (CBC)


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  1. it would seem simple to comprehend, but the science behind the cause and effect has only recently been done. And yes, beach strandings can be caused by various things but noise *could* be one of them. Again, it’s very hard to study whales in the wild. one theory I’ve read is that beach strandings are sometimes mistakes made when the lead whale is sick. they end up not being able to sense heading into shore. The pack follows them onto the beach. One theory based on ear problems of beached whales.

  2. Thanks Al – its amazing that something so obvious makes the news! Anyone who has ever stuck their head under water knows how sound carries in the water (if they aren’t deaf). Still convinced some of the Navy’s low frequency underwater sound tests caused or at least influenced some of the whale beachings that happened a few years ago.

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