At Elwha River, forests, fish and flowers where there were dams and lakes – Seattle Times

With easy road access to trails open for the first time in years, and the river valley in full summer splendor, the Elwha beckons as never before. Where once there was a dam, today tourists are enjoying the newest interpretive attraction at Olympic National Park, about the world’s biggest-ever dam-removal experiment. Lynda Mapes reports. (Seattle Times)

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  1. Yes, and the tired old power house is gone, replaced by investors jazzy new, eagle killing wind mills generating power at many times the cost (the investors thank you but maybe not the consumers who foot the bill), the quiet lake full of fish is gone, replaced by tourists with their noisy toys, and who knows – maybe there will be a major return of salmon (at least they may not have the obstacle course of hundreds of nets and thousands of predators to traverse like they have on the Columbia River, so they might have a chance).

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