Join the campaign. Stop Net Pens in Puget Sound. Now.

You can’t be for supporting the restoration of our lost heritage of wild salmon and be pro net pen. It just doesn’t work that way.  There is a campaign just started to stop net pens now. Sign the petition to get the Governor to ban them forever in the Sound. Here’s how. Here’s the link. Follow it. Educate yourself if needed. Don’t buy the lies and bullying tactics of the industry spokesmen who sit on our local boards and collect their paychecks while trying to buy us off with a few clams, like their forefathers did with the Tribes over the centuries. Just sign it. Show them we still own the Sound, not them. And we are bringing back wild salmon, with them or without them.

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  1. The is ample evidence from elsewhere about the damage brought on by the expansion of the net pen industry. Pesticides used to kill sea lice have poisoned 45 lochs on the west coast of Scotland (see The Ferret for details). Industry there now trying to move pens even closer to shore.

  2. Capitalism unencumbered by the requirements of functioning planetary life support systems = mutually assured destruction. More than 50% of our tax dollars directly or indirectly subsidize this pollution profiteering planetary carnage paradigm.

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