West Coast Ocean Acidification Rates Among Highest In World – KUOW

These findings spell bad news for our shellfish industry as well as our fisheries. It appears we are ground zero for ocean acidification and we have a administration in Washington D.C. that ignores any science that doesn’t fit it’s narrative. It’s all up to us folks. Thankfully we have a governor and representatives  in Olympia that still do believe in science.

The United States is stepping away from the Paris Climate Agreement, but the consequences of climate change will be more difficult to leave behind. Take ocean acidification, a major emerging threat to West Coast fisheries.

Researchers at Oregon State University have recorded some of the highest levels of ocean acidification in the world – and they exist right off the coast of the Pacific Northwest.


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  1. Not much of a surprise considering the amount of “acidic” (compared to ocean pH) the Seattle-Snohomish Brightwater waste treatment plant is pumping into Puget Sound. This plant was permitted by the state and their PR makes it appear great and overlooks the damage it is actually doing in pumping a billion gallons per month of warm, acidic, salt free, chemical containing water diluting and contaminating the salty ocean water in Puget Sound. So much for the governor and state agencies trying to protect the Sound!

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