Justin Trudeau announces $1.5B ocean protection plan – CBC

Much thanks to PM Trudeau for actually putting his money where his mouth is.  Some of you might not be aware but the Canadians just had a horrible oil spill in the most ecologically sensitive area of BC Coast, The Great Bear Rainforest. It was a US oil barge heading to Alaska. No rescue tug was available.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the government’s $1.5-billion ocean protection plan in Vancouver today for responses to tanker and fuel spills in the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Trudeau said the funding over five years will include creating a marine safety system, restoring marine ecosystems and research into oil spill cleanup methods. He called it “the most significant investment ever made to protect our oceans and coastlines.” The announcement, made with Transport Minister Marc Garneau, comes after the minister spent Sunday touring a site on B.C.’s Central Coast where the tugboat Nathan E. Stewart ran aground and sank more than three weeks ago, releasing thousands of litres of diesel and lubricants into the water. (CBC)


See also: Justin Trudeau assures better ship tracking for indigenous groups http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/justin-trudeau-assures-better-ship-tracking-for-coastal-indigenous-groups/article32716803/ Justine Hunter reports. (Globe and Mail)

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