Ottawa won’t appeal court decision blocking Northern Gateway pipeline

We get a bit of an opportunity to continue to plan to better protect the Strait and our shores from the onslaught of tankers from the proposed and now dead Northern Gateway project in Canada. But I’m sure that there will be more opportunities to fight this and other proposed pipelines. In the meantime, little is being done to wean Canadians or the Chinese  off petroleum, so the demand is still there. And if we make the mistake of electing Trump, we will get pipelines everywhere. He has claimed he wants to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency for starters.

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr won’t appeal a recent court decision that overturned the former Harper government’s approval of the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline project. Earlier Tuesday, Northern Gateway also said it wouldn’t pursue an appeal…. The Federal Court of Appeal ruled in June that the federal government had not adequately consulted with Indigenous peoples who will be affected by the project, which is backed by the energy company Enbridge, and which would stretch from outside Edmonton to Kitimat, B.C. John Paul Tasker and Chris Hallreport. (CBC)

See also: Feds won’t appeal Northern Gateway court ruling, but still open to pipeline: Enbridge exec Peter O’Neil reports. (Vancouver Sun)

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