From mountain forests to city parks, trees are stressed and dying – Seattle Times

While this story highlights problems in Seattle, the article also points to problems statewide. Climate change is here, and we are going to have to roll with it’s  its punches. A small thought out of this article, is for those of you with birch trees (I’m one of them ). Hold off on any tree trimming until later in the fall. The birch beetles noted in this article are active until about August (so the historical data tells us). I’m unclear as to whether they are going to be active longer into the year, but I’m planning on doing my annual trimming after the leaves fall. Trimming causes stress to the tree, which is what the borers are looking for.

The killing effects of the long, hot drought of 2015 are showing up in dying tree tops, thinning needles, burgeoning beetles and an unprecedented number of dead trees in city parks.

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  1. I should just put a disclaimer that my use of it’s vs. its is likely to be a problem. (Grin). I don’t know why, after all these years, I still make this mistake, but we don’t have a proofreader in our staff.

  2. As usual, a highly interesting post but also the usual grammar issue: …”we are going to have to roll with [“its” not “it’s”] punches. “It’s” always means “it is”.

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