Candidates supporting the environment rock the primary vote!

The story of the night is that the Democrats came out to vote in August. Early results show significant voter preference, even in the midst of the “Trump Upheaval”, for Democrats along with the status quo of incumbents. Good news for supporting environmental legislation.  Also it appears that in many areas of Jefferson County, where we are located, Bernie’s troops that were trying to upset local Democrats have not seen turn out approach enough to win across the board, as they hoped.

Bizarre results in Clallam County. Have they been smoking a bit too much of that new legal substance? Dems win almost all positions, from federal on down in large margins, until you get to Lt. Governor, which an R wins. What? She must have camped out in Port Angeles for the month. Overall, when you add up the votes all D’s got in Clallam races, it seems very likely that they will win all of them in November. Barring a huge Trump turnout that didn’t want to bother to vote in August. Ron Richards won the popular vote, but if you tally all his rivals he may have a hard time winning in November. Better hit the streets, Ron. Start doorbelling.

This is all based on early returns.

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