Bill to ban toxic flame retardants could fizzle for fifth time  – Investigate West

Good analysis. The bill needs your support. Contact Senator Hargrove on the Peninsula.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers want to ban flame retardants linked to cancer, learning disabilities and other health problems from being used in children’s products and furniture. But legislation to do that could fail for the fifth year running if legislators cannot agree on how to ban new chemicals down the road. The bill, the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act (HB 2545), would ban five common flame retardants from upholstered furniture and children’s toys, safety seats and clothing. It also would authorize the Washington State Department of Health to ban additional flame retardants found to be of high concern for children’s health. The House Health Care & Wellness Committee passed an amended bill 8-7 on Tuesday. In past years, versions of the legislation have passed the full House overwhelmingly only to die in the Senate. Allegra Abramo reports. (Investigate West)


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  1. Thanks for that!

  2. This is one of the things I lobbied for yesterday. Hargrove’s aid said he supported it. He was in DC.
    I was in Olympia with Faith Action Network.

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