2016 – Oh Boy…here we go

Another hottie for a year.

A presidential election with the lunatic fringe of climate change deniers in the lead pole position. Along with a highly experienced  woman with a ton of baggage in colors many folks don’t like and a self described socialist Jew running against her and them.  Could it get any stranger?

The pre-eminent science magazine of the last hundred years has been taken over by a anti-science billionaire.

Anyone know where we’re going to get water in Port Townsend if we have snows that don’t last?  Will I-Ron-Da-Lay come to our rescue? (inside joke to those outside of Jefferson County).

Surprises ahead? You bet.

Fasten your seat belts, the jet of 2016 is likely to encounter turbulence before coming to a landing on December 31th. Pray for rain, but fill those water jugs, just in case.




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